Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coconut ice cream and Wagamama

Saturday night, I went to see Plumbob Millionaire, the new Danny Boy film. It's good, but, like many Danny Boy films (Trainspotting, The Beach, 28 Days Later), it begins memorably, and then rather tails off. (Can you remember how Trainspotting ends, for example?)

Anyway, afterwards I went with a couple of colleagues to Wagamama, which, apparently, is not something you'd do to a MILF, but a type of faux-oriental restaurant, with benches and chopsticks. It was full of lots of other middle-aged middle-class people, so we went in and had a meal. I had a delicious dish with what appeared to be genetically-modified noodles (the word 'girth' comes to mind), and then for dessert, joy and bliss - coconut ice cream! Where do restaurants get their coconut ice cream from? I can find just about every other type of ice cream in the supermarkets - raspberry, blaspberry, blueberry, rueberry, neapolitan, metropolitan, cosmopolitan, spagnola, spinoza, and even leibniz-flavoured (with a sprinkling of monads) - but never can I find coconut.


Bob said...

The end of Trainspotting: he runs off with the money and leaves Spud his share in a box at the station.

Together with Pulp Fiction my all-time favourite movie.

Perhaps coconut icecream is one of the few things left that are really prepared in the kitchen at the restaurant, and not delivered up front.

I am Selena, by the way.

Gordon McCabe said...

No, I am Selena!

Parody Potamus said...

Hmmm... Plumbbob Millionaire, eh? I've seen the poster for that one...