Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Homer at Cerne Abbas

The priapic Cerne Abbas giant in Dorset, has been joined by a diaperic Homer Simpson! The giant is one of those chalk figures, not exactly inscribed into the hillside, but, given that the figure is formed by exposing the underlying chalk, it is perhaps 'exscribed'. There seem to be quite a few of these. I remember seeing the (Uffington) White Horse on the Berkshire Downs as a kid; I can recall walking round another one near Cirencester on a school-trip; there's one just outside Devizes in Wiltshire; and the Cerne Abbas one is somewhere to the North of Dorchester. Apparently, it's a tradition for young couples to visit the giant to ensure conception. Although, it's a bit of a trek, so, to save time, you could try drinking a couple of pints and not using a condom instead.

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