Monday, October 29, 2007

Happyslapped by a jellyfish

I've never really understood gay magazines. Why do gay fellas need pictures of nobs when they've got one of their own to look at?

This week I'm reading 'Happyslapped by a jellyfish', a collection of short travelogues by the hapless Karl Pilkington. I'm quite enjoying this. As a number of commentators have remarked, Pilkington isn't really that funny. He makes some nice observations though, and I particularly enjoy his simple working-class perspective upon things.

I do like fruit, but I find that some of it involves too much messing about to get into. I mainly buy fruit that I can have as a snack when I'm out for the day. Apples are good for this. Bananas are good. Plums are fine. Pineapples are too much hassle. That's why you never see anyone buying pineapples in supermarkets. People should stop growing them.

There's too much fruit knocking about nowadays, and I think this is why we're told to eat five pieces a day - it's to get rid of it all. Once I was drinking some orange cordial and thought "this tastes a bit weird" and looked at the label. It wasn't just orange, they'd gone and slipped in some pineapple that they couldn't get rid of. This is happening more and more.

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