Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A solution to the world's energy problems

A couple of weeks ago, 'British engineers' proposed that underfloor generators, installed in shopping centres and transport hubs, could provide a significant source of power. The idea is that the footfall of pedestrians can be used to compress pads, which force fluid through mini-turbines, thereby generating electricity.

A fantastic idea. But that's still thinking on a small scale. I propose that we carpet millions of square miles of workplaces, shopping centres, airports, railway stations, and pavements across the world. Specifically, we need nylon carpets. As people walk on these carpets, they will build up a huge static electric charge. They can then discharge this energy into supercapacitors installed in their personal automobiles, and use that electrical power to drive home in the evening.

Problem solved.

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Clare Dudman said...

Brilliant! Would be even better in the gym.