Monday, July 04, 2011

Abu Dhabi's big mistake

If last week's European Grand Prix at Valencia demonstrated one principal, salutary lesson, it is that this year's regulations will not generate exciting races at venues already fundamentally inimical to overtaking.

It is enormously disappointing, therefore, to learn that the Abu Dhabi organisers will not be making alterations to their track for this year's race. Chief Executive Richard Cregan argued:

"With all the changes implemented by the FIA, the racing so far this year has been full of overtaking and excitement. So we decided, rather than spend a whole lot of money making these changes, we'll wait and see how [this year] goes first."

Of all the countries hosting Grands Prix on the 2011 Formula 1 calendar, the one capable of building a circuit around a phosphorescent hotel, which looks like it has only just emerged from the Mariana Trench, surely has the wherewithal to make changes to the actual track layout. When you run the risk of yet another dreary race, and you have such deep pockets, why not take the opportunity to improve the circuit anyway?

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