Saturday, August 18, 2012

The 1982 Grand Prix season: A bibliography

Autocourse 1982 (Maurice Hamilton).

Decent race reports from Maurice Hamilton, old-style lapcharts, and an excellent technical survey from Doug Nye. Photography, however, is mainly black-and-white, and fairly average.

1982: The inside story of a sensational Grand Prix season (Christopher Hilton, Haynes 2007).

A desert-island book, this one. A superb account of the season, full of insight from the major players. Good selection of photographic images as well.

Autosport 1982 (Nigel Roebuck, available on

The best race reports from 1982. Roebuck at his peak: pithy, judgemental, and on occasion, devastatingly sarcastic. Although there's a somewhat curious over-use of ellipsis...Only disappointment of the downloadable versions is the photography, which consists of some very bland images from the LAT archive.

When F1 Ran Wild (Autosport, August 16th 2012).

Interesting Mark Hughes profile of Keke Rosberg, and Frank Dernie annotated cutaway of FW08, but the latter is less informative than one would have wished (compare and contrast with Frank's guide to the FW07 in Motorsport, November 2004, pp75-77).
Formula One's Wildest Year, (Motorsport Magazine, February 2002).

Short insights into a particular facet of each race from various authors, but accompanied by Keke Rosberg's race-by-race recollection of the season. For this reason alone, indispensable.

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