Saturday, March 13, 2021

Brands Hatch F1 Tyre Test 1985

A beautiful summer's day in 1985, the greatest circuit in Britain, and the greatest F1 cars and drivers of all time, preparing for the European Grand Prix. No zoom lens, so there's something of a polite distance maintained between photographer and object.

Marc Surer passes through the cutting at Pilgrim's drop.
Senna turning into Hawthorn Bend. Don't turn left.
Keke in the FW10. The FW10B would only make its debut at the European Grand Prix itself.
Prost coasting through the apex of Hawthorn. Don't want to overheat the left-front.
Prost gently easing through the dappled light into Stirling's. Careful with the right-front temperature.
Prost carefully accelerating out of Stirling's. Don't want to overheat those rears.
Stefan Johansson's Ferrari at Hawthorn Bend. Note how far forward the drivers still are in 1985.
Bernard Asset-style atmospheric shot of Clearways.
Ayrton Senna da Silva turning into Graham Hill Bend.
Boutsen's Arrows up the hill towards Druids.
Stefan Bellof (Tyrrell), shortly before his death at Spa in a Porsche 956.
Toleman plunging down from Westfield through Dingle Dell.