Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nigel Roebuck

Nigel Roebuck, one of the greatest Grand Prix journalists of all time, retires from Autosport this week, after more than 30 years writing for the magazine. In recent years, Autosport started an internet feature called 'Ask Nigel', where Roebuck would answer readers' questions. Anyway, in late 2003, Juan Pablo Montoya's Williams was in serious danger of overhauling Michael Schumacher's Ferrari for the World Championship. After the Hungarian Grand Prix, Ferrari protested the Michelin tyres which Williams, amongst other teams, were running, and the FIA upheld their protest. This severely disrupted Williams and Michelin's preparation for the coming races, unsettled Montoya, and the championship slipped beyond their grasp. This prompted my question to Nigel Roebuck, and his sublime response.

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