Saturday, December 13, 2008


If airports are the aeronautical equivalent of seaports, then why don't we have aeronautical equivalents of harbours? In particular, why don't we have aeronautical correlates of Monte Carlo, places where millionaires can dock their aircraft, spend some time in a casino, and then party with their rich friends on the wings of their opulent flying palaces?

I'm thinking of a sort of Cloud City here, which, in the absence of anti-gravity generators, could perhaps be suspended by the simultaneous downward thrust from a hundred or so jet engines, or just by, well, lots of helium balloons. The technology is already there, so let's do it, I say.


Anonymous said...

Isn't a harbour simply the geographical location of a seaport? I.e., seaports are human constructions next to harbours.

Gordon McCabe said...

As far as I can sea, you can have harbours without ports, and ports without harbours.