Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wire and Jana Bennett

The Wire has been widely feted by critics as the greatest show on television. Hence, now that the BBC have acquired the UK terrestrial broadcasting rights, they've scheduled the show in a graveyard slot on its secondary channel, BBC2.

Congratulations must go to Jana Bennett, the 'Director of Vision' at the BBC, who, whilst not directly responsible for scheduling, reputedly has "overall creative and leadership responsibility" at the Beeb.

According to the BBC Press Office, "Jana's time at the helm of BBC TV has seen the emergence of ground-breaking cross-genre, channel and platform events such as Africa Lives; The Big Read; Great Britons; Dunkirk; Springwatch and Flashmob."

Platform events?

Jana is an OBE, so I presume she must have made a unique and indispensable contribution to society. Perhaps she found a cure to some disease, or maybe she's spent countless years of selfless toil working in an Aids hospice in Africa. Whatever, I'm sure one can't just acquire an OBE by working in something as trivial as television administration.

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