Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Michael Schumacher

This is not Michael Schumacher, this is Keke Rosberg at Spa in 1983.

Keke was a proper racing driver. If Keke was faced with the unappealing prospect of having to race a car without any prior testing, (with possibly damaging consequences to his reputation), he wouldn't use a neck-injury he'd suffered 6 months previously as an excuse to withdraw.

But then Schumacher is known to be a particularly slow healer. After Michael suffered a leg fracture in July of 1999, Ferrari harboured hopes that his then-teammate, Eddie Irvine, could still win the World Championship for the Scuderia. Sadly, Michael's tardy recuperative powers meant that he couldn't return to support Irvine's championship bid until October of that year, when Luca di Montezemolo had to effectively order him back into the car.

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Sean said...

Is that you standing on the track :0)
those were the days hey?

or perhaps Shu shoving his car over the line like Mansell did in dallas his race overalls covered in petrol in 100 plus track side temperature?

He will have to stay home like the rest of us playing the PlayStation.