Monday, January 25, 2010

The Motorsport Magazine podcast

Podcast chemistry: it's a black art.

Motorsport Magazine's foray into the podcast market has been running now for six months or so, and is somewhat beginning to hit its stride. Introduced by the strangely charismatic Rob Widdows, and featuring Nigel Roebuck, Damien Smith and Ed Foster, it may not have the alchemy of Mayo and Kermode, but it's rapidly developing into an unmissable monthly download.

Highlights so far have included Nigel Roebuck's uncanny impersonation of Niki Lauda, some forthright opinions from Jody Scheckter, and a profanity-laden appearance from John Watson, in which he seemed to suggest that Kimi Raikkonen might prefer to spend the rest of his life getting inebriated.

January's podcast features a remarkable revelation from Nigel Roebuck, in which he recalls being invited, along with then Autosport colleague Mark Hughes, to an audience with Max Mosley. This was three years or so ago, before the succession of scandals which ultimately led to Mosley's downfall.

Presumably looking ahead to the prospect of cars driven by electric power, Mosley posed the following question to Roebuck:

"Will the fans miss the sound of the cars?"

To which Nigel's reply was, um, yes I think they would Max!


Patrick said...

They are good, aren't they. Stumbled upon them for the first time around Xmas and found them a good way to kill a few quiet hours over the holidays. Much more relaxed and unforced than the old Autosport podcasts. Quite liked Joe Saward's podcasts over on Sidepodcast as well

MotorSport Jon said...


Can I quickly highlight that Motorsport Magazine has now moved to:
Happy listening!