Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sausage roll review

Due to some recent changes in location, an opportunity arose to sample the comparative quality of the sausage rolls produced by three well-known UK grocers: Waitrose, Sainsburys, and the Co-op.

So let's start with the Co-op, a company proudly bearing the slogan 'Good with food'. Unfortunately, if their sausage rolls are representative, then perhaps they should concentrate instead on the sale of batteries and sanitary products.

Two large sausage rolls were purchased from a local outlet; the first was eaten, the second binned. The one consumed, and thereby unfairly inflicted on a living gastro-intestinal tract, tasted like a turd wrapped in a layer of greasy cardboard. If it was the first sausage roll you'd ever eaten, you would have vowed never to eat another one again.

Further away than the Co-op, however, lay a Waitrose store, and predictably their sausage rolls are fabulous. A sausage roll from Waitrose is a genuine gustatory treat. In fact, it's difficult after eating one not to return to the still-beckoning oven, and replenish its warm bosom with another pork-filled delight.

Sadly, post-location change, the nearest store is now a Sainsburys, 4 miles away. Their sausage rolls proved to be edible, but very ordinary; neither fair nor foul.

And, whilst Co-ops tend to be as common as chlamydia, Waitrose outlets are distributed in a selective fashion, often within snobbish districts, so the nearest one is now 13 miles away. Surely I can't justify going that distance just for some sausage rolls, can I?


Chris said...

Oh, I dunno, the Waitrose near me is less than 100m from the Job Centre, not exactly posh Dr M!

Gordon McCabe said...

True, I know a Waitrose to the North-West of Newbury which is near a Job Centre; but there's plenty of affluent housing to the North and West of Newbury.

Chris said...

I believe we are talking about the same Waitrose

Gordon McCabe said...

Your belief is indefeasible.

Gridlock said...

Ocado my dear boy, Ocado.

Gordon McCabe said...

Yeah, that's an idea, although I figure there's a minimum purchase; they probably wouldn't just deliver the sausage rolls to me.