Saturday, July 14, 2012

A solution to Silverstone's parking problems?

Following the quagmire-induced congestion at Silverstone last week, the circuit has discounted the possibility of transforming the grass car parks into asphalt, Autosport reporting that "it would be hugely expensive and it's unlikely that Silverstone would get planning permission...It's also deeply questionable whether it's right to coat fields in asphalt for parking for three days a year," (p12, July 12th, 2012) .

But why not erect temporary upper storeys on all the existing asphalt car parks? One purveyor of these solutions is Another Level:

Another Level Pioneered the development of the concept of the Portable, Modular Multi-Storey Car park. The company invented, designed and developed this pioneering concept of a solid, safe and portable modular deck structure that simply sits over you existing car park allowing you to nearly double its capacity. The benefit of the demountable nature is apparent on both multi storey, and single story applications.

Another Level has both the experience and capability with nearly 30 installations and by far the largest fleet of decks available for nationwide installation.

Our experienced team coupled with world-class purpose built equipment are able to assemble a 124 space modular deck car park in 3 1/2 days.

With every installation to date the existing car park’s surface has been adequate to support the structure without the need for traditional foundations. This eliminates the risk of disturbing contaminated land, underground services and archaeological remains.

Given that Silverstone need to accommodate tens of thousands of cars, it wouldn't solve all their problems, but combined with extra park-and-ride, it might be part of the solution.


Sean said...

Brilliant and dry camping underneath.

I should get in touch and arrange yourself a consultancy fee.

Gordon McCabe said...

Yep, consultancy is the way to go.