Monday, December 31, 2018

Andrew Ridgeley crashes at Brands

It's the 1986 Cellnet Superprix, the rain is relentless, and it's dark, very dark. Too dark, in fact, for those amateur photographers foolish enough to have arrived with nothing other than 100 ASA film...

The field is strong, containing future luminaries such as Martin Donnelly, Perry McCarthy, Damon Hill, Gary Brabham, Andy Wallace, David Leslie and Julian Bailey. Also entered is Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael's partner in contemporary pop-duo Wham!

Failing to compensate for the reduction in the effective power-spectrum of the road-surface, Ridgeley Go-Goes into the gravel at Druids...
His momentum is somewhat checked by the Cellnet cars of Ross Cheever and David Hunt, which have already found the tyre-wall.
Nothing for it but to head back to the Kentagon for a warming cup of tea.

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