Saturday, June 23, 2007


Despite being endemically cool, and despite my entrenched penchant for 'roughing it', my first visit to Glastonbury festival remains securely locked in the realm of the potential future. Hence, I settled down this evening to watch Lauren Laverne present Killers, live from the Pyramid stage.

Now, I really love Killers; Hot Fuss was the sort of album which Pulp should have done after Different Class, and Sam's Town was excellent as well, but their performance tonight reminded me that they really are a rubbish live band. The key melodies seem to wash out, and Brandon Flowers's voice veers all over the place. Watching on Friday, actually, I was really impressed with the Arctic Monkeys, who I've previously derided for being pretty average. They were actually above average.


Tom said...

Apparently (from my colleague who went and many media pages) the sound system was US creek for the Killers...apology requested!

Gordon McCabe said...

Yeah, I read that as well, but I read that the problem lay with the speakers, which wouldn't affect the quality of the sound relayed to the TV audience?