Saturday, June 30, 2007

Steven Spielberg

There's no Culture Show today because Lauren Laverne is off having Eddie Murphy's baby, or something, so instead, here's a superb Mark Kermode interview with Steven Spielberg. He asks all the questions you want him to ask.


Dave said...

A superb interview. Well researched by Mark Kermode. I was surprised he liked the more populist of Spielberg's films I must admit. Also ,given his close relationship with George Lucas I was surprised about his fondness for film rather than digital film-making. Maybe this means that Indiana Jones 4 will be good with him at the helm and hopefully digital editing, characters, etc used sparingly.
I really loved Jurassic Park - I remember seeing it at the cinema - the venue where I saw it had just installed dts sound specifically for this film - it was extremely loud and it really did have the audience on the edge of their seat. Also enjoyed AI although didn't get much acclaim.

Gordon McCabe said...

I was surprised to learn that Spielberg's career had to be almost resuscitated by George Lucas; I didn't realise that Spielberg was so out of favour before Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I was also interested to hear Spielberg flatly denying the frequent claims that the sentimental conclusion to AI was his inspiration, rather than Kubrick's.