Monday, June 25, 2007

Gordon's flood

On the eve of Gordon Brown's ascension to Chief Moose of the Clan, the firmament of the Earth is rent in agony, and is hurling a Biblical flood down upon our benighted land. Already Sheffield has been obliterated by the rising waters, and Hull is set to follow within hours. Pestilence will surely ensue unless we find some way of usurping this prudential necromancer from our midst.


elberry said...

hold on, let me get this straight, Sheffield and Hull have been destroyed? That's a good thing, trust me. More of this please, Mr President, i recommend Huddersfield next.

Gordon McCabe said...

Yep, Sheffield is the new New Orleans. Already, it's Day 3, and still Gordon Brown hasn't visited the site of the devastation; he clearly doesn't care about Yorkshire people.