Friday, August 10, 2007

The structural foundations of quantum gravity

Oxford University Press published this excellent collection of papers on the foundations of quantum gravity last year. As a service to those less well-endowed (financially), I here reproduce the contents, with hyperlinks to those articles which are freely-downloadable.

1. Quantum Gravity Meets Structuralism: Interweaving Relations in the Foundations of Physics, D. P. Rickles and S. R. D. French
2. Structural Realism and Quantum Gravity, T. Y. Cao
3. Structure, Individuality, and Quantum Gravity, J. Stachel
4. Points, Particles, and Structural Realism, O. Pooley
5. Holism and Structuralism in Classical and Quantum GR, M. Dorato and M. Pauri
6. Time and Structure in Canonical Gravity, D. P. Rickles
7. The Case for Background Independence, L. Smolin
8. Quantum Quandaries: A Category-Theoretic Perspective, J. C. Baez

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