Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Creating a universe - Day 2

I am making excellent progress. I have already made some crucial decisions about the things I wish to include and the things I wish to exclude from my universe. My universe will be rich and varied, with a cascading hierarchy of structural levels, rich enough to include fractal structures, crystalline structures, and dendritic structures. I will use discrete and continuous structures, and I will employ evolution processes both deterministic and stochastic. I will draw upon a mathematical palette which includes the abstract structures provided by Hilbert spaces, Lie groups, differential manifolds, and fibre bundles. My universe will, however, be inconsistent with the existence of Coldplay.

I wish to re-create a number of the things we find in our own universe. In particular, I would like to produce some variations upon the landscape themes already installed in the Colorado exhibition, as seen in the photos which accompany this post. I like the existence of structure on many different length scales here; the excellent use of both foreground and background objects; and the fabulously subtle varieties of colour and texture.

I do not, of course, have a blank canvas to work with, for my universe will be created from a magnetic monopole in our own universe, and will therefore basically be made of the same stuff from which our own universe is made. I will therefore need to engage in a certain amount of reverse engineering on our own universe. This, however, is something on which I will elaborate over the days to come.


Anonymous said...

Will the colour scheme of your universe compliment that of your carpet and curtains? Perhaps, your universe could benefit from a woman's touch. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I prsume you'll include hallucinogenic plant substances.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff - I take a rest from the blogosphere for a few days and I miss the birth of a new universe. Typical.