Thursday, January 11, 2007

Creating a universe - Day 4

It's becoming slightly tricky to keep track of all the details in my universe, so I have decided to employ UML (Unified Modelling Language) to represent my design. Given that I am designing a 'system of systems', I have also decided to draw upon the powerful intellectual resources of Systems Engineering. I will duly represent the people in my universe as 'stakeholders' in the system of systems.

However, I may have been a trifle over-ambitious with the number of people I've decided to include in my universe. In fact, to make sure I don't forget about anyone, I've decided to store the specifications and life-histories of all my created people in an Excel spreadsheet.

I have decided to use the Poincare dodecahedral space for the large-scale topology of my space-time (see the attached diagram). This, of course, will give my universe a finite spatial volume. If the observers in my universe are able to look far enough, then they will perceive multiple copies of the same region of space. In effect, they will see the backs of their own heads.

Regarding the force fields in my universe, I have decided to use the strong and electroweak forces from our own universe, but to add an extra field of my own. The gauge group of my field is the Monster group. This is a finite group containing 808017424794512875886459904961710757005754368000000000 elements. It is a 'simple' group, in the technical sense that it contains no normal subgroups. The physical implication of this is that it corresponds to a single coupling constant. This extra gauge field will be tuned to add many unusual structures to my universe, far beyond those supported by the chemistry and nuclear physics of our own.

I am already collimating and calibrating the lasers in my table-top particle accelerator, in preparation for the creation event this weekend. I shall keep you posted.

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