Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Publishing event of the year

Ok, it's here at last! The main event of the year will be this May, when my first book, 'The Structure and Interpretation of the Standard Model' is published. (Those in the US will have to wait until June 15th).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Gordon. Are you going to do an Appleyard on it and mention it in every post? Maybe you should wind him up a bit and mention it as often as possible in your comments on his site. Anyway, I hope it flies off the shelves. Maybe Oprah will like it or Richard and Judy. Who knows?

Gordon McCabe said...

Ha-ha! Yes, I might mention it now and again on Bryan's blog!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Gordon!

BTW, I think a major American novelist has come across your blog. I am in the process of reviewing Jodi Picoult's forthcoming _Nineteen Minutes_, about a massacre at a school, and one of the characters is a math teacher named Mr. McCabe.

Here is a passage for you:

[begin quote]Mr. McCabe, who thought he was the Chris Rock of algebra, was doing his daily stand-up routine. "So, two kids are in the lunch line, when the first kid turns to his friend and says, 'I have no money! What should I do?' And his buddy says, '2x + 5!'"

......"A binomial. Get it? *Buy-no-meal*?!" [end quote]

Hee, hee. Just had to pass that along. Actually, this is a quite decent novel. Way better (in my opinion) than the last one I reviewed on a similar theme: Lionel Shriver's _We Need to Talk About Kevin_. Her little serial shootist was basically Iago -- motiveless malignity -- so the novel didn't really explain anything about the bullying culture of high school in America (and probably everywhere else, though America has the guns to go with it).

Gordon McCabe said...

Thanks Susan.

When you said that this character was the Chris Rock of algebra, I thought you meant he interspersed his variables with plenty of the MF-word!

I do notice Jodi's IP address popping up frequently, but she never posts a comment.