Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Rafa rhyme

The Rafa-lution is wearing thin,
Sir Alex Ferguson is sporting a large grin,
The fans are tiring of Dirk Kuyt,
The journalists fear your sanity is slight.

You think that football is a game of chess,
But your rotation policy just creates an awful mess,
Your zonal marking cannot work,
Your substitutions are beserk.

You want the freedom to buy and sell at will,
But your team selections make our chances nil,
You've never understood the English game,
Your post-match excuses sound really lame.

After 5 years, I think the jury is in,
And I'm sorry to say, Rafa, the Premiership, you're never going to win.

Rafa Benitez


Anonymous said...

Gordon - Kuyt is pronounced Kowt, not Kite, so Kuyt doesn't rhyme with 'slight'.
And if it is pronounced Kite, then I can think of another word to use.
But I won't, in case this is family show!! Brian
PS Still think we'll beat Chelsea this week. We haven't a hope when we play Blackburn, Fulham, West Brom and West Ham, though, as we have to do this season.
Rafa... read Hamlet, Act IV, scene 3, lines 31-32

Gordon McCabe said...

I fancy we can beat Chelsea as well, in fact.

But how about Kevin Keegan to replace Rafa?

(Only joking.)