Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How to create a universe

I've just finished another paper: arxiv.org/PS_cache/physics/pdf/0702/0702239.pdf

As the abstract says, "The purpose of this paper is (i) to expound the specification of a universe, according to those parts of mathematical physics which have been experimentally and observationally verified in our own universe; and (ii) to expound the possible means of creating a universe in the laboratory."


Anonymous said...

Another winner, Gordon, I'm sure. No pictures this time, but some nice diagrams and equations. Despite the best efforts of popular science writers, subjects like your's remain inaccesible to most of us. Do you ever feel isolated or are you buoyed up by the fact that generally speaking scientists are held in high esteem, even by those who haven't a clue what you're up to (even more so by those who haven't a clue what you're up to)?

Gordon McCabe said...

All things considered, Neil, I think I'd rather be a film director. Or perhaps a motor racing driver. Or even a guitarist in a rock band.