Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rubber pavements

Rubber pavements, apparently, have already been introduced to parts of Shanghai and Chicago, and could be introduced en masse in Philadelphia:


The main advantage of a rubber pavement is that it is porous, and thereby allows rainwater to percolate through into the groundwater, minimising surface run-off. Rubber pavement also allows air to penetrate into the soil, enabling tree roots to breathe. When the area over tree roots is concreted, the roots become suffocated, and actually spasm upwards to break through the concrete.

The initial costs of laying rubber pavement are currently slightly greater than concrete pavement, but according to Philadelphia councilman Jim Kenney, interviewed on Radio 5's 'Up all Night', it lasts longer than concrete pavement, and can be made from the recycling of old car tyres, so ultimately provides a cost saving.


Anonymous said...

That's great, Gordon. I'm sure there is a large cohort of fetishists having sleepless nights just thinking about this. The environmental impact could be significant. They may choose to walk to work just for the thrill of it. This could be the start of something.

Gordon McCabe said...

Is 'cohort' the correct collective noun for a group of fetishists? How about a kink of fetishists?

Anonymous said...

Cohort is not right. How about a 'Quirk'? Or a 'Warp'? I'm sure the list is endless, but fun? Alliterative (that the adjective?) ones are the best.

Anonymous said...

The correct usage is "a bunch of fetishists."