Thursday, April 05, 2007

Aviation health warnings and talking cameras

The left-wing 'think tank', the Institute for Public Policy Research, has suggested today that "the Government should introduce cigarette-style health warnings on all advertising for air travel, holidays that include flights, and at airports." We have, of course, also learnt this week that 'talking' CCTV camera schemes' are to be extended across the country. Perhaps, then, the government could combine the two ideas, and publicly berate people, via loudspeakers, at all UK airports and petrol filling stations.

These sorts of environmental issues seem to reveal a vestigial socialist desire to tell people how to lead their lives, and to plan the nature of society from the top-down.

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Brit said...

Behind the infinity of things we should be doing to 'save the environment' lies the same impulse that drives the equally bewildering array of dietary, lifestyle and home improvement books and TV programmes.

It is the innate desire that some personality-types have to BOSS PEOPLE AROUND, under the guise of promoting the general good.