Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Steps - Last thing on my mind

Ok, let's crank the irony and premature nostalgia up to galactic proportions. While Bryan Appleyard is charting the triumphant return of 'Take That', let's also pay tribute to another 1990s pop phenomenon: Steps. Are they due for a re-union as well? Well, Lisa has pointed out that Steps have only been separated for a few years, while 'Take That' have been separated for a decade. Faye claims that "the record companies have been asking us for years. But because we are all busy, it hasn't happened. We meet up regularly and the connection between us is still thriving. I think we will come around to reforming at some stage, but it will happen when everyone has time."

When it happens, I can only hope that Bryan Appleyard will be there to record the event for posterity.

Anyway, here's their video for 'Last thing on my mind', a classic from nine years ago. There's nothing not to like about this video. The girls are looking well, and there's even one of Steps' famous dance routines at the end. Watching it, I almost feel like I'm back in 1998...

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Neil Forsyth said...

The word 'posterity' has the same root as 'posterior'. Apt.