Monday, April 23, 2007

Michael Schumacher and irony

Michael Schumacher was in London this morning to promote a road safety campaign. Two things concern me here: (1) The scarf. It was indeed slightly cooler today, but I still didn't feel the need to wear a scarf. And certainly not one looking like that. (2) Michael Schumacher promoting road safety? This would be the same Michael Schumacher who, on two separate occasions, deliberately rammed opponents as he tried to win the world championship; the same Michael Schumacher who would veer diagonally across the track to prevent other drivers from passing; the same Michael Schumacher who would give his opponents brake-tests behind the safety-car before a re-start; the same Michael Schumacher who deliberately parked his car across the track in qualifying at Monaco last year in an attempt to stop other drivers beating his time; the same Michael Schumacher who, after being involved in a major first-lap shunt would deliberately drag a damaged car back onto the track, leave it in gear, and then alight from it in an attempt to get the race stopped; the same Michael Schumacher who drove a car in 1994 which was equipped with concealed, and illegal, traction control and launch control software?

It certainly appears to be the same man.


Patrick said...

Doubly ironic because you really have to try quite hard to think of *anyone* else with a reputation for deliberately causing accidents. (if that isn't oxymoronic).

The UN have found just about the one man on the planet famous for deliberately causing car crashes to front a road safety campaign...

Gordon McCabe said...

Schumaccident - (Noun): A collision between automobiles, deliberately caused by one individual, which goes without punishment.