Saturday, April 07, 2007

Peep Show

The excellent 'Peep Show' returns this Friday, and there's a perceptive interview with David Mitchell and Robert Webb in today's Daily Telegraph. Mitchell and Webb have recently enjoyed a high profile from Apple's latest UK advertising campaign. They've also been accused of selling-out on this, to which Robert Webb responds: "I'm an actor. So when someone asks, 'Do you want to do some funny ads for not many days in the year and be paid more than you would be for an entire series of Peep Show?' the answer, obviously, is, 'Yeah, that's fine.' "


Robert Henry Jackman said...

Gordon - fantastic blog.

Of course no-one expected Mitchell and Webb to turn down the adverts but it's such a shame the ads were so pitifully unfully.

Thanks to Channel 4 and their dreadful scheduling Peep Show is on rather late at night, and still has a small following. It would be a shame for Mitchell and Webb to become known as 'the duo from those Apple mac adverts'.

I've reviewed the first episode of series 4 on my blog - let me know what you think

Thanks :)


Gordon McCabe said...

Cheers Robert. I also had a few doubts about this series of Peep Show, not least because the writers had engineered a very hasty, and rather implausible engagement between Mark and Sophie at the end of the last series. However, episode 1 on Friday was very funny, and up to the old standards.