Thursday, April 12, 2007

Deja vu

So, here we go again: Chelsea v Liverpool in the first leg, at Stamford Bridge, on 25th April, and then the return leg, at Anfield on 1st May. Tasty.

The managers are already warming up. Benitez pointed out that Mourinho "has good relationships with managers of teams he beats...He fights with the managers of the top sides," while Mourinho argued "It is a tie where we know we start from behind and why is simple: Liverpool play only in the Champions League and Chelsea plays in the Champions League, Premiership and FA Cup."

And for those worried about who we might face in the final, remember that Portsmouth beat Man U. 2-1, so Portsmouth would have beaten Roma 9-2...


Brit said...

Did you ever hang around any of the LFC forums back in the day? Eg. Koptalk, before it turned into a money-making scam site?

Gordon McCabe said...

No, I've never bothered with forums on any subject, to be honest. The picture above, courtesy of Brian S, came from The Liverpool Way fanzine/website.

Brit said...

The Liverpool Way is reputable, though the best one is Through the Wind and Rain.

The Koptalk story is fascinating. Koptalk was the number one LFC fan site for a bit. I used to post there prolifically under another name and wrote a few articles for it. Basically this conman called Duncan Oldham gradually tried to rip ever more fans off by making them pay to subscribe (I never did) for phoney 'insider info'. He also did a load of dodgy charity schemes.

There's now a blog entirely devoted to destroying him and he's pretty much finished.