Saturday, April 21, 2007


I've always wanted to be able to draw properly, so I've enrolled on a drawing course at the arts institute, Bournemouth, and today was the first day. This was a massive amount of fun! In the morning, we drew various still-life objects with pencil and soft-graphite, and then in the afternoon we drew a live model with charcoal. This was really hard work, over two hours, about ten of us, each standing with a large sheet of paper on an easil, drawing, shading, and smudging, in a semi-circle around Ellie, the model. You can see the result here.


Neil Forsyth said...

I bet Ellie doesn't get out of bed at all some days.

Ian russell said...

I can appreciate that. it's why it's called artwork and not artplay. You'll learn to love charcoal, it's messy but forgiving.

Gordon McCabe said...

I did have to re-draw the basic body-shape on mine, because my initial stab was out of proportion, so, in this sense, it is a forgiving medium.