Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Iain Nicolson and the Dark Side of the Universe

I'm currently reading 'Dark Side of the Universe', by the Scottish astronomy writer Iain Nicolson. This is a fabulous, fabulous book. It's a brilliantly written introduction to, and exposition of all the issues surrounding dark matter and dark energy in cosmology. There are many popular books on this subject, but none have the authority and clarity of Nicolson's. It's accessible to non-specialists and non-scientists, but still manages to be completely accurate and reliable. Nicolson reasons clearly about his subject, and impartially weighs the competing evidence supporting different theories. It's also beautifully illustrated.

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Ernest Dempsey said...

Just picked my review copy of the book and will be reading it soon. Looks nice on the outside. The lastperson to impress me on cosmology was John Gribbin. Let's see how Mr. Nicolson reads.