Saturday, April 28, 2007

Unfinished work

Today our drawing class visited the Russell Cotes museum, perched on Eastcliff, Bournemouth. The museum is furnished with many fine exhibits, and is endowed with a beautiful garden, looking out over the cliff-top towards the sea. As Terry Pratchett once said, it's amazing how precisely the sky fits the sea at the horizon. The picture here is drawn with an ink-pen, and is, sadly, unfinished.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Did you choose the spot yourself?

Gordon McCabe said...

Yeah, we were just let loose in the museum, and we could choose to draw what we wanted to. I was about to draw an ornamental fountain, with surrounding busts, when I swivelled in my seat, and saw the perspective up the stairs. Only problem was the incessant flow of people coming down those very same stairs!